Did somebody say EXCLUSIVE?!

Did somebody say EXCLUSIVE?!

Published by Sian Francis - Evil Backpack Owner on 8th Nov 2017


Just a quick one to show off the new crown jewel to the range! Loungefly X Disney Villains Mini Backpack

Now, Im not sure how many of you guys will remember the Handbag and Wallet we had in this print? It was from our very first Loungefly order and since none of us really knew how the brand was going to go (even though we were almost certain it was going to go amazingly) numbers were super limited. Obviously Loungefly was a huge hit and continues to be one of our best selling ranges, and the Bag and Wallet sold out almost instantly. Since then not a week has gone by when I haven't had a message from someone hoping to track one down. 

Then along came the Mini Backpack in the same print! AND GUESS WHAT? Cobalt Heights managed to lock it in as exclusive to us! You cannot buy this bad boy anywhere else is New Zealand - How amazing is that?! 


As you can imagine its a huge deal for a tiny business like mine to be able to get their hands on such an amazing exclusive. There are only 28 in the country with 27 originally available for purchase (cause you know I had to steal the first one). 

They made their debut at Armageddon Auckland this year and literally FLEW off our stall. Lucky for you girls who couldn't make it we did come home with a few kicking around and now they are listed and ready to go. 

A mini backpack is a great alternative to a traditional handbag. Not only are they chic and trendy but they are incredibly easy to wear and free up your hand on busy days. I always knew I was going to have to get one - I just couldn't choose a print - The release of this one made it a easy choice though. 

Side note - GREAT for people on crutches. Since snapping my Achilles Tendon in early Sept I have been stuck with 2 "walking sticks". I'm not gonna lie - I've had some really down days made even worse by the fact that I'm unable to have my usual kickarse handbag with me on my daily travels. I know it sounds a little silly but this baby has put a smile on my face again and kinda changed my life. My moon boot might be ugly but my BACKPACK? stunning. Look how happy I am! 


Anyway - Thats about it for me - If you don't have one of these then you need one. End of. They are available on our website now and we are able to offer both traditional Laybuy and AFTERPAY if you message me on the Facebook Page

If you have already bought one of these babies then I'd like to take a quick second to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Its a huge deal being able to get an exclusive range just for little old Cobalt Heights and your support means the absolute world to me. 

Until next time! 

Sian x  


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