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Finish These Sentences - Miss October Diamond

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                                            Finish These Sentences with Miss October Diamond

Thought I would bring a little fun to the blog this week - Any of you who have met Kiri AKA Miss October Diamond in real life know how fun she is to talk to! She is a long time friend of mine, excellent customer and just an all round good bitch! So without further ado here is your daily dose of shit you didn't know you needed the answers to. 

Photo Credit - Tony McKay Studios. Styled By The Beauty School Dropouts

I never leave the house without my................

Ok, so I am really organised with my time management. I cannot, and will not leave the house without my diary.
I panic if I don’t have it and someone wants to make plans with me. I have every single market, car show, and pin up event for the next 6 months in there. My life is organised right through till March 2017…However I think I have a spare weekend off in November if anyone wants to hang out? haha.

I would sell a Kidney or first born child for the chance to own............

Right now it would be a 1958 Skyliner retractable… ha! Good Luck to me in that Department.

Every budding pin up should own.............

A Roll and Go Hair Tool! This changed the hair game forever. After years of failed hair styling, victory rolls that looked like a birds nest and hair that never curled in the right places once I got one of these I could actually achieve those sky-high rolls, and twists.I will never leave for a pin up weekend away without it.

Roll and Go Hair Tool - Available NOW at Cobalt Heights

I know every single word to.............

The entire DRE 2001 CD! It may surprise you, but I love 90s Gangsta rap…I even have a THUG LIFE tattoo haha!

My biggest beauty tip would be..............

Do you! You don’t have to fit into a box with pin up, and our little community here in New Zealand is so accepting.
If you are a geek, WEAR THAT TARDIS SKIRT! If you only wear black, rock that look like it’s your x-boyfriends funeral. Heck, wear patterns on patterns and make colours clash louder than a brass band in the Christmas Parade. But always, ALWAYS be yourself!!

Your never fully dressed without a............

A decent sized handbag! I can not stress this enough. You need to fit so much in your handbag as a pin up girl.There’s your cell phone, Lipstick, a purse sized mirror, bobby pins, keys, wallet, a comb to brush the fly aways, flat shoes for when you’re walking around car shows, chapstick, water bottle, snack foods, tissues, sunglasses, sunblock, hair spray, cigarettes, candy. Gosh, that was just my handbag for yesterday. But please, get a decent sized handbag ladies.

PS. Cobalt Heights have some amazing ones in stock ;)

My spirit animal is a................

Ahhhhh I always struggle with this question. Someone asked me last week what my Patronus would be and I was stumped. I think my spirit animal would for sure be my dog Ziggy… I get so excited when I see my friends, we have very similar hair, you leave snacks around I will eat them. He just hangs out at home all day, and he’s generally very friendly..........Except he pees on stuff, I don’t do that.

I will kill you if you touch my................

My brooch and pin collection…. It’s really really big. Don’t touch it. EVER!!!! I have over 50 Erstwilder brooches, and about 50 other brooches including some pretty neat Jubly Umph ones. I think my pin collection is up around 30+ currently… it’s a wee obsession.

Never in my life have I ever............

Haha, this sounds like a bad drinking game we played once….
I guess I need to keep this PG, but there isn’t a lot I haven’t done. So far, I have never been to a Very Vintage Day Out!! This year will be the Cherry Popper! I am so Excited. You will find me at the Cobalt Heights stall (of course). Slaving away in exchange for nuggets and beers. I will have a bunch of my gorgeous Handmade Hair Flowers too so make sure you come and find us! 

What I love most about Cobalt Heights is...........

I’ve known Sian most of my life, we’ve been friends since we were 8 years old. What I love about Cobalt Heights is Sian’s Absolute passion and commitment to this company. It’s a rare occasion you have a business owner who knows every single one of her customers personally, when she orders new bags she straight away thinks “ohhh, Kiri will absolutely die when she sees this” and of course I do die when I see it. 

She spends almost every single weekend away from her family, poor Andrew being left with 2 young kids. But she does this for us, her girls. Her customers. She takes her pretties out all over the country, from Auckland all the way to Wellington, so that you can see, touch and try on all the beautiful stock. I love that Cobalt Heights is run by a real person, she understands when times get tough. She’s a mum, she’s a wife and she’s a friend. She can relate to us. She gets it.

Wrapping Up - Hi guys, Sian again - I hope you enjoyed the read. Im gonna start doing more of this stuff as a way to help us all get to know each other before the big events. You can follow Kiri and I on your preferred platform below:

Cobalt Heights 
Miss October Diamond

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