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If You Ain't First You're Last!

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Ya'll may have noticed that we sneakily snuck a new brand in a couple of months ago in the form of Hungry Designs. Their amazing range of brooches is to die for and quite unlike anything else I have ever seen before - especially in New Zealand. We are the first and the ONLY stockist of this amazing range in New Zealand. 


Which got me thinking. This isn't even the first time we have pulled off something similar. The unofficial motto of Cobalt Heights is "Cool Shit That You Haven't Seen Before". Since the very beginning 5 years ago that was always my main goal. I wanted to stock amazing and unique items and sell them in New Zealand, a country that.....lets face it.... hardly ever gets cool stuff. 


I have always preferred to be a trendsetter rather than a follower and I love nothing more than being the first to do something. InkAddict was the first of these little gems for Cobalt Heights. Followed shortly by the amazing Star Struck HandbagsLos Flamingo and Hungry Designs are both two small indie companies based in Australia who create stunning (STUNNING) brooches and accessories. 


Obviously our other brands SourpussJubly UmphLoungeflyBanned Apparel an Iron Fist are here to stay too - They are the big backers that allow us to branch out and are in no way any less awesome. These bigger companies are tried and true suppliers with an amazing range and worldwide recognition and will always be a part of our core stock here at Cobalt Heights. As we continue to grow we do so with the help of these amazing brands supporting us.


In the words of Ricky Bobby's father "if you ain't first you're last" and you can always count on Cobalt Heights to bring you new and exciting alternative fashion and accessories right here in little old NZ.  

xx Thanks for reading xx 
Sian x