I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane....... WEBSITE CLOSURE 09.07.19 - 09.08-19

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane....... WEBSITE CLOSURE 09.07.19 - 09.08-19

Published by Sian Francis - About To Go On Holiday x on 17th Jun 2019

Sup Gals and Guys! 

Just wanted to pop on here and let you know that the website will be closed from 09-07-19 till 09-08-19 because I am going on holiday!!!! 

You might not know this already, but Cobalt Heights is a one woman band. Everything you see round here from the shitty graphics to the incredible stock purchasing is done by me - Sian - a half Welsh, mother of 2 who lives in Rotorua.

The half Welsh thing is crucial to this part of the story. I was born in NZ to a kiwi mum and a Welsh dad. My parents split when I was young and my father moved back to the UK. Throughout my childhood I had a great relationship with my dad. He called often, was always there if myself or my brother needed him and we would fly to Wales every 2 years or so to spend 6 weeks with that side of our family. 

As an adult its been harder to keep that up - trips to the UK are not cheap! Especially once I had children of my own. The babies years were tough on my pockets as they are for lots of people and my dad flew out here with my grandparents and his girlfriend (I just call her Wendy - shes like a stepmom but way cooler) twice - Once when my first baby was born and the second time when I got married. 

Family is really important to me and I am lucky enough that both of my Dad's parents are still going strong. Last year I lost both of my mums parents in the space of 6 months and it was horrible (something I have yet to really talk about on the blog) . Having that happen has really driven home the importance of making time for family. 

Now you can probably see where Im going with this one. It's time for me to head home and spend a few precious weeks with my loved ones. I will be taking my eldest son with me and I'm really looking forward to it. 

Unfortunately Cobalt Heights doesn't have anything in the way of staff so if I'm not here then things cant get sold. Im really sorry if this affects you in anyway but its time for me to soak up some family time. 

I am really going to be making a point to avoid "work stuff" whilst I am away. I will still check in on emails and Private messages to our Facebook Page but with the time difference and the fact that I'm not taking my laptop with me I wont be too much in the way of help until I'm home. 

If you would like to follow me along on my trip I WILL be on Snapchat and Instagram  


Love yas x 

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