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Quick Fire Questions With A Beauty School Drop Out - Cobalt Heights & Fran Robertson

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Quick Fire Questions With A Beauty School Drop Out - Cobalt Heights & Fran Henricksen

Whassup ladies! Carrying on from our fun little Blog with Kiri AKA Miss October Diamond we decided to have a little chat with the reining Miss Pin Up New Zealand, the always outlandish and a little bit crazy, Fran Robertson. Fran is one half of The Beauty School Drop Outs, a totally amazing lady and, I'm proud to say, a good friend of mine. anyway - lets get cracking! 

Best Beauty wonder-product?
Liquid Lipstick! I legit use it for everything - Obviously on my lips, but also in place of a brow pomade, as a colourful creme liner, and as blush in a pinch (one product 4 ways!) My favourite product to use on other people though is the Smashbox Photo Finsh Primer. It is such an essential part of my kit - excellent for so many skin types, and you can wear it alone if you're having a no-makeup day but still want to have beautiful smooth skin. 

Biggest beauty fail?
There was a time in my life where I would just wear the whitest foundation available and black pencil liner....nothing else. It was certainly a rough time for my teeny-tiny eyes! 


What would you tell your 16yo self if you could?
Being weird is totally fine, you just have to own it. Be confident in your weirdness, and let it be part of your brand, because eventually you'll be using it to pay the bills. And on a more serious note - sometimes being friends is more important than being right. You'll always regret the arguments you won if they mean losing someone important. 

Fave event on your calendar?
Hoooooooooo that's a tricky one, I love so many of the events I get to go to! Beach Hop, VVDO, and Americarna are all work related so it's definitely a weird kind of love, but those are also the places where I get to hang with other vendors, meet all our amazing customers, and generally just make people feel fabulous! On a non-work level, I'm really excited to be going back to Viva Las Vegas next year with the gang, and Kiri and I are planning a trip to Tiki Oasis for next year as well so that'll be amaaaazing!

Fave body part?
 My eyebrows...not my real ones though, definitely the ones I draw on each day! Defined and dramatic brows are so so key when you're an expressive person, and ya'll know I love pulling faces

Best thing about your job?
The people. Always the people. I love having the opportunity to change the way people see themselves, and the hugs and happy tears and amazing heart wrenching thank you messages we get just totally and completely make it the best job ever. 

Thing that you are most proud of?
100% - The Beauty School Dropouts. I have done some pretty cool stuff in my time, but what Mon and I have created is something I can't get over. It has been a crazy year, but the community has totally embraced what we are doing, and we couldn't be more thrilled at what we've achieved!

Secret cringey addiction?
I am a huge fan of terrible early 2000s hip hop, and I can outrap most people I know....except maybe Kiri! 

Best Pinup Tip?
Don't ever compare yourself to other people - there's no way you can expect to be polished and know how to do hair and makeup right away, that's just not feasible. Take your time, practice, and figure it out at your own pace. And if you don't want to do it, then just don't. There are no rules. I had this photo on my mirror for years, just to remind myself that I might not be the most polished pinup around but I'm certainly much more polished than when I first started, and that's ok too. 

Top 3 purchases from Cobalt Heights?
Ooooooo tricky! I love my bangles (can I count them all as one thing, right?) and my Stay Weird bag is also a favourite, but I think topping the chart is my Orange Star Struck Handbag because it's just so colourful and I get so many compliments on it!

And that's a wrap! Thanks for taking the time to read through this little blog gals, and a huge thank-you to Fran for taking the time to answer my questions. I cant wait to catch up with this goof (and her amazing accessories room) round ArmageddonVery Vintage Day Out time! 

Stay tuned for the next installment ;) 
Stay Classy,

Sian xx