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Are The Loungefly Backpacks Worth it?!

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Are The Loungefly Backpacks Worth it?!

Good morning y'all! In today's blog I wanted to address a question I get asked all the time. As you might already know we have a HUGE range of the Loungefly Canvas Backpacks. Something that I am always getting asked is will these babies stand the test of time? Are they gonna hold up to the rough and tumble of school kids? ARE THEY WORTH THE PRICE TAG?!?! 

^^ Just some of the range x Act fast because they always sell quick x 

These are all really important questions. I'm a mum of 2 rough-as-guts little boys so I get it - $89 is on the pricey side when it comes to a backpack for the kids to go to school with. 

My little boys have had their backpacks since they started school. I wasn't going to give them Loungefly bags until they were a little older but having a sweet, new backpack of their choosing made the whole "going to school" thing a little bit easier for all concerned. They both felt so swish with their new bags ready to face the intimidating prospect of a brand new place. My boys are 5 and almost 7 at the time of writing this blog so their bags are 6 months and almost 2 years old. 

^^ My smelly little boys rockin their bags x 

Obviously, the standout factor is that these bags look amazing. The entire Loungefly range is licensed an authentic so you know that the print is going to be shit-hot with no wonky stitching, odd coloured characters or smushed prints. Your kid is going to look so funky rocking one of these bad boys on their back. To be totally honest the thing that I love most about these bags is that no-one else in their class has one the same. Its not an elitist thing.....its more of an "easy to find their bags so I can drop off the lunches I forgot to make before morning tea time" thing. It also makes picking them out of a crowd super easy (that is if I cant hear em already).

^^ Cute kids courtesy of Jasmine and Savannah x

Now - as far as quality goes, obviously I am going to tell you they are fantastic. But I put the call out to our VIP Group on Facebook (plz feel free to join) but I think Savannah puts things perfectly.... "The bags are great and Sian is beautiful! But seriously this bag is awesome, my son has thrown it in the river by accident, dragged it along the floor, spilt his lunch in it, had an apple go mouldy in the bottom and you’d think I just got it yesterday by how it looks." << My experience is much the same as hers. My boys aren't known for being gentle and these bags? They are holding up incredibly under the strain of daily use. No print fading, no loose stitching and they are also surprisingly easy to keep clean!

Not only are they awesome for the little guys and gals but they make awesome go-to's for big kids too! I have been using mine as a market bag for a good couple of years now. My market bag is always stuffed with all kids of f*ckery and its comfy on my shoulders even when fully loaded. 

^^ me and Kiri at Wellygeddon 2018 x

Any day now we will have a bunch of new backpacks arrive into stock just in time for the kids to start back in school - You are going to want to move fast so that you can have first pick! For the first time ever we have Harry Potter and some DC Comics / Justice League stuff coming through and I know you guys are going to love em! 

Anyway - Thanks for reading - You feel free to touch base with me should you have any questions ;) xx
Sian x 

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