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An Interview With A Bag Addict

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Bag Addict, Handbag Whore-der, Bag Slag and all round GB Caroline AKA Miss Bhaven has agreed to sit down and chat bags today! As a lover and collector of handbags she is a gal after my own heart and I thought y'all might like to take a peak into her world........

How many handbags do you own? I think the current number is about 25 if I don't include baskets!


^^ I will link the bags that are still in stock here starting from the top: Sourpuss Diaper BagSourpuss Backseat Baby Purse - Blue and PinkStarstruck Starburst in Blue Jubly Umph Wednesday BowlerStarstruck Cosmic Kisslock in Orange - Loungefly Groot CrossbodyStarstruck Vixen Tote in RedLoungefly Belle Floral Mini ToteLoungefly Hunni Crossbody

Do you remember "the one" that really started it all? I honestly don't remember the very first one I brought, but I must say I think it was the Loungefly Tinkerbell Tote that got me hooked!!!

^^ The Loungefly Tinkerbelle Tote in question - long sold out sorry gals :(

What is your fave handbag in your collection and why? My all time fave has to be my Loungefly Belle Tote, it's a great size bag easy to get things out of and I can even fit my son's things in if needed.

^^ The Loungefly Belle Tote in question - also long sol out (sorry again!)

Do you have a preferred "go to" and why? I would have to say the Loungefly X Marvel Valkyrie Handbag would have to be a "go to" for me. Due to its darker colours I don't worry so much if it gets dirty and with the large opening at the top you can actually fit a lot inside. Which is very handy for work

Lastly, Caroline - over the years you have reached a platinum star in handbag buying from Cobalt Heights, something for which I am incredibly grateful for......but I've never really asked before - WHY?!?! Why Cobalt Heights? Surely it's not my good looks and charm? I would like to say it's the good looks and charm. But to be honest it's the level of service I have received!! Any questions about the products are promptly answered and I love the flexible laybuy option. And I don't know any other companies that would even help out my friends to create a "PIN-ata" for my birthday.

OMG! Did you say PINS? Go on......show us ya collection.........Yes pin the addiction that may rule them all! One of my fave things to do is making new pin combos on my jackets. Lapel pins are my preference but I do have the occasional brooch mainly Jubly Umph as they aren't too bulky!


^^ Now, lots of these babies are still available - Make sure you check out the Lapel Pin and Brooch sections x 

Sian here again, thanks for reading guys! I Hope you enjoyed the read. Thanks so much for letting me pick your brains Caroline <3 

I would love to do more of these sorts of things - If you have an idea for a collab blog please feel free to message us on the Facebook Page or send me an email at cobaltheights@hotmail.co.nz

xx Sian 

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