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Why We Need To Support Small NZ Businesses - Cobalt Heights Featuring Two Lippy Ladies

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Why We Need To Support Small NZ Businesses - Cobalt Heights Featuring Two Lippy Ladies

Now blog time! This is a subject I have had kicking round in my head for a little while now and I've decided to do a small series of blogs about it. Obviously, seen as Cobalt Heights is a small NZ business this is something I am quite passionate about. 

I recently read an awesome little editorial piece on NZ Entrepreneur entitled "Why Our Small Businesses Are A Big Deal" and it really rang a few bells for me. It is well worth a read if you have the time
I think its important that us kiwi's stick together and support each other, retailers and customers.

Anyway without further ado, let me introduce you to Nat and Karla from Two Lippy Ladies - a charming store based in sunny Napier. These two boss ladies are a total scream and I love catching up with em at all the big shows throughout the year.

At Two Lippy Ladies we want to frock you up. When we launched our first dress collection in 2013 it was in answer to
what we couldn’t readily get in New Zealand for ourselves. Oh my have we come a long way from that first polka dot heavy collection. Now we offer a riot of colour and a plethora of designs.

Said Polka Dots - 2LL first ever photoshoot! Model: Katishe Stowe, Photograph: Photography by Corena, MUA: Lou the Beauty Foodie.

Our favourite labels are Lady Vintage - with her sister label Lady VoluptuousHell Bunny; and our ethical brand Holi Boli. We were the first to bring Lady Vintage to New Zealand and we remain their strongest New Zealand retailer. Lady Vintage features reproduction 50s cuts in vibrant floral and tropical bird prints. The dresses are made in house in their London factory and the quality and attention to detail are second to none. Hell Bunny offer edgier novelty prints, interesting cuts and fun designs. Holi Boli is for those of you who want something special. Based in India, Holi Boli offer meaningful work and training for women who otherwise would never have such opportunities. They produce limited edition dresses - so you know when you buy a Holi Boli dress from Two Lippy Ladies you are getting something that is not only fabulous but also unique. All three brands form the cornerstone of our shop, complemented with our eclectic and original accessories labels.

2LL very first Holi Boli dress in 2014 as modeled by Miss Victory Violet, photography Elizabeth J Photography

Customers come back to us again and again as we pride ourselves on the personal touch you simply will not get from large international online stores. We want you to leave us feeling a million bucks. When you shop with us you know you will be stepping out in something that suits you and that you love. We offer this to our online customers as much as our in-store customers. We have free shipping and no fuss returns on our online purchases as we want you to have a seamless experience – to be able to try different styles without risk – and to figure out what will make you look and feel amazing. Our customers feed back to us all the time that they love us for our service, and most importantly to us, because of how we make them feel. Amazing is a word that we hear every day.

2LL store is located on 5 Market Street, Napier - Ph 06 6511863 - Piccie Taken by Organic Ash 

Last week a woman told us that after years of being made to feel invisible in other stores, we made her feel ‘real’. This seems so simple and yet it is clearly missing from the cookie-cutter world of chain store and online shopping. This ‘realness’ is exactly what you get when you shop with any one of the amazing New Zealand businesses featured in this blog series.

Nat & Karla xx 

 ** I hope y'all enjoyed that. What I love about the gals at Two Lippy Ladies is that they are always striving to be different. I hope this mini series will open your eyes to some of the fantastic and exciting retailers we have in NZ who are bringing these amazing brands to our shores. Thanks for the read x Sian